Alpine Outfitters Adjustable Urban Trail Harness


This is my first Alpine Outfitters product, and I hadn’t heard of the brand before I purchased this product, but it seems to be pretty reputable.  I looked at many other products before settling on this one, and my alternative was a Ruffwear product. I was looking for a versatile harness that wouldn’t break easily or hurt my dog. This harness fits my needs perfectly and is affordable! I have been using this harness for both tracking and pulling, and it has held up! The harness seems to be very high quality, and made of durable material. Both the neck and chest parts of the harness are adjustable, and it is padded, which is a HUGE plus; many pulling harness that I looked at are not padded, and I noticed that many people complained about other harnesses rubbing their dogs’ skin and causing rashes. The one negative feature that I have discovered is that the harness does shift a little to the side during use, but it hasn’t irritated my dog at all because of the padding.

Video of my Belgian Malinois tracking in the harness:

Link to harness


Ruffwear Flatout Leash

This is my first blog post! This is my favorite leash right now. It is so convenient! I have a service dog, and this leash is perfect for service dog adventures. It is hands-free, and I attach it so that it goes around my waist. It is the perfect length for really anything I do, so that my dog Mati can go from walking beside me to down position, to retrieving items for me, all without my having to detach the leash! I like this better than the other hands-free leashes I have tried, because I don’t have to fiddle around with it when Mati changes position. And it comes in pink! What more can I say?

Link to Ruffwear leash