Feliway Multicat Diffuser

While most of the pet-related products are for dogs, I don’t want to leave cats out! This past December, I took home a kitten from the amazing Paws Humane Society in Iowa, that had been my patient at school. I later named her Mira. I was really nervous about this new addition to the household, for three reasons: 1) Cats are finicky, 2) I have an older cat (Oliver) and he hasn’t been around many other cats for years and 3) I stay with my boyfriend when I go home to California, and he has two other cats, one of which is a grumpy older cat. Multicat Feliway contains a pheromone that simulates the chemical produced by mother cats, to calm their kittens. The Multi-Cat Feliway impacted all of the cats and thus eased the transition both in Iowa and back in California, much more than I had expected. I even started noticing results after a day of use! I’m sure you’re doubtful, after all, how could an airborne chemical affect cats? My boyfriend Eric, who was very skeptical after the first day, admitted that even he had noticed a huge change after a few days of use. The cats were all initially pretty wary of each other, and Mira was exceedingly overwhelmed by her new environment and neighbors. When I adopted Mira, she was extremely skittish and evaded capture if she was loose. She also hissed at every cat that got too close made eye contact with her. She only allowed me to touch her; she ran away or did the limbo if anyone else tried petting her. Her attitude gradually changed, and the Feliway really helped break down her barriers so that her personality showed through. She started playing with Eric’s kitten Mocha, although Mira still hissed for a little while at Mocha while they played. I was really thrilled with the results of this pheromone diffuser. I even recommended it to a coworker I had at the time, who had also just brought home a kitten. She informed me that it had really helped her older cat in getting used to the kitten! This product is also used a lot by veterinarians! I did an externship with Dr. Karen Sueda at the VCA West LA Behavior Service, and we regularly recommended it!

If you do get the product, just be sure to follow the directions that come with it. And remember that it doesn’t work for all cats, especially if they are really, really aggressive or moody.

Feliway is available in diffuser form, spray and wipes. There is also the regular Feliway diffuser, which helps cats with inappropriate urination. It contains the facial pheromone that cats release, such as when they rub their cheek on you or furniture.

For more information on Multicat Feliway: http://www.feliway.com/us/NEW-Feliway-MultiCat

For information on Feliway: http://www.feliway.com/us/FELIWAY/FELIWAY-Diffuser